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Why Travice?

'The Travice' app comes packed with a full range of features to enable the user to track a phone's location, prevent unauthorized use, remotely activated various phone features and most importantly, prevent your device from being switched off in the event it falls into the wrong hands

Unauthorised shutdown 

Real-Time Tracking 

Family & Friends Locator


The smartphone industry is moving quickly towards integrated batteries which can't be taken out and require a special pin to remove the sim card.
So without switching off or removing a sim card on a lost or stolen device, it won't be possible to disable the Travice tracking features!

Unauthorised Shutdown

This is the world's first app to include an 'unauthorised shutdown' feature which prevents anyone from turning your phone off or putting it on silent, without your pin or fingerprint

Family and Friend Locator

Perhaps one of the most important features of 'Travice', the Family & Friends locator allows users to add anybody to your 'Travice' map, which will then show you their current location and their location history.

Real-time tracking

Travice' will track your device in real-time, showing you in detail exactly where the device is and uniquely, where the device has also been! With a location history, parents and device owners will be able to remotely see where their loved ones (and phones) were at any point in time. Alternatively, Travice will provide you with live directions straight to your device. 


This feature allows you to set a location on the map, so that when your device reaches that location, it automatically goes into silent. It'll switch off silent once you leave too! This is great for business meetings, university lectures or student library visits! 

Screen Lock

By locking the screen remotely, 'Travice' displays information on the front screen with instructions on how to return the device to it's owner. There's also a 'found button' which when pressed, will notify the owner that the device has been found.


The 'Travice' app allows remote activation of both front and rear cameras, including recording a 15 second video clip – all discretely and quickly. Images captured will be saved on the device, in the Travice cloud and also on the remote device you're using to activate the Travice feature.


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Kick starter is a fantastic place to watch a new idea grow and develop, but it all relies on the support of people like you. By supporting and backing Travice, you'll not only be part of the driving force behind the latest in tracking technology, but you'll also be one of the first to experience the Travice app.